Women with breast cancer

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4 Heart Stopping Words..."You have Breast Cancer"

As both a paid and volunteer trainer, facilitator, program developer and consultant with a wide array of skills Cathy Manson thought she had challenging conversations nailed. Then bam, she was diagnosed with breast cancer not once but twice and all of sudden how to have effective conversations felt like life and death.

No limits. We Get It. We've Heard Those 4 Heart Stopping Words..."You have Breast Cancer"

Learn all about our proven methods for dealing with all the extra baggage associated with trying to manage your life and family while dealing with breast cancer. We can show you how to better prepare yourself for all the difficult conversations and situations ahead of you on this journey.

You're Not Alone

We've been there, and know how to help.

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The Elephant in the Cancer Clinic

Do you have trouble speaking up for yourself especially when you are worrying about how everyone will react? Are you tired of feeling like what you want doesn't matter? Do you feel alone with your diagnosis and unsure how to get the support you need? The Elephant in the Cancer Clinic is your essential guide to talking about your breast cancer at home, at work, and at the doctor's office.

Feel Stronger. Feel Understood. Feel Liberated.

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Get Your Confidence Back

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Survivor's Lifeline

What "lifeline" are women with breast cancer sharing?

"One of my greatest regrets was not speaking up louder and sooner when I just knew my cancer was spreading. Instead I thought being the "good patient"" would help me more. I was wrong."

- Dawn

"Stick with your gut and if something doesn't feel right be willing to be the squeaky wheel."

- Tina