As both a paid and volunteer trainer, facilitator, program developer and consultant with a wide array of skills, Cathy Manson thought she had challenging conversations nailed. Then BAM! She was diagnosed with breast cancer, not once, but twice, and all of sudden how to have effective conversations felt like life and death. She quickly discovered that not everyone had the same goals and beliefs for Cathy as she did, so it became critical to be able to clearly communicate what she wanted and needed during her diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

With a goal to enrich the lives of women living with breast cancer, she felt compelled to share her own experience and the experience of powerful women who have been there, as well as Dr. Bernie Siegel who has supported them. The amazing survivors who willingly opened their hearts and shared their successes and their fears to create a lifeline for all of us who have experienced breast cancer has been a game-changer.

Not thinking about cancer can be challenging sometimes (just ask her hubby) so being fulfilled is Cathy’s secret. She actively practices daily gratitude, surrounds herself with family, friends and business partners who are positive, patient and forward thinking. Her long daily walks with her beloved pooch, Suzy, are a continuous source of inspiration and sanity.

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