Face Your Fears. Be Heard. Be Understood.

Feel empowered through this messy, overwhelming and scary journey

aBreastchat is more than a program and a book, it’s a place for women with breast cancer where they can share and face their fears, gain some insights, feel understood and liberated to just be be themselves.

Our Promise to You

We will provide a supportive space for you to speak out loud what is really going on for you in this roller coaster ride called breast cancer.

We will just let what you have to say and how you are feeling “land”, we will not try to fix you or tell you what to do.

You will not have to protect us from your emotions – we’ve been there, we get it.

We will give you concrete tools so you can get clarity and effectively speak up for what you want and need.

We are on your team. We will provide a non-judgemental, compassionate place so you can Share. Learn. Be.

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What We’re About


This is your opportunity to give voice and say out loud what you really feel.  Your hopes, your fears, and your challenges will be accepted and understood by other women who share this journey.  This is about “taming” your fear so it doesn’t control you.


There are a few basic tools that will help you prepare for and have those difficult breast cancer conversations you need to have so that you get what you need and want.  It can be as simple as ABC!


As a virtual gathering place for women… this is your opportunity to just say whatever is on your mind and it simply “lands.”  No one is trying to fix it and you just get to be yourself and get what you really need to get through this mess (and anyone who tell you this isn’t a sometimes messy, lonely and scary journey is lying!).