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Are you tired of feeling like what you want doesn’t matter? Do you want to feel more in charge of your life especially while dealing with breast cancer?

Do you have trouble speaking up for yourself particularly when you feel emotional?

Do you want to find a way to effectively stop the unwanted advice you’ve been getting about your cancer treatment?

Do you feel overwhelmed with information about treatment alternatives, diagnosis, prognosis, etc. and not sure which way to turn?

Are you feeling alone with your darkest thoughts and biggest fears?

Are you feeling inundated with well-wishers and friends who want a piece of you and do you want to know how to stop this?

Do you want simple tools to help you get ready to ask for what you need (and want)?

Do you want to know some tricks for dealing with people’s reactions so you are less stressed?

Are there days when it feels like would be easier to avoid everything and everyone?

Are you clear about your goals related to your breast cancer?



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