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How to Talk About Breast Cancer: Are You a Sugar Saint or Sinner?

Written By on April 18, 2017



I have a friend who at 14 has just come through one of the most horrendous years of cancer no one, especially a child should have to go through.  Because of the kind of cancer he had and the fact they could not operate he endured chemo every week for a year with every 3rd week being the “big hit” which would hospitalize him.  Add to that 8 weeks of intense radiation and on his 14th birthday he could not swallow so was unable to eat cake.  You get the picture…a year of misery.  When he finished treatment and begin to resume life where he left off the tendency was to celebrate.  Now this young man loved sugar before he got sick going with his friends and buying bags of candy but now mom and son are finding it difficult to break this addictive habit which is part of what makes him feel “normal.”  Of course we all know that sugar is more addictive than cocaine so this is not easy.  Mom did ask if maybe as a cancer survivor I could talk to him but what do I say? I am not going to lie. I would describe myself as sinner versus saint.  Seven years since I was first diagnosed and what I am now doing is cutting out the sugar where I can: I don’t add it to coffee, I make my own salad dressings, I buy less processed foods, I eat more veggies than fruit, cut down on wine and I eat dark chocolate.  Now I have adopted a once per month Monday to Friday with no carbs, sugar, alcohol or fruit and I take a daily supplement which manages inflammation and how the body processes refined carbohydrates all of which helps but I have struggled with what I could say to my friend.

Please help me!  What would you say to inspire someone to cut down on their sugar intake?  What is your secret?

Here is one of mine…


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