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How to Talk About Breast Cancer: Avoiding the “Ditch”

Written By on August 23, 2016

ElephantCancer02When you are driving down the road focused on the ditch that is where you will go.
I have come to realize that difficult conversations and cancer are not always a step by step journey that can be neatly packaged and worked through. I feel like yelling, “not fair” and wondering if anything about this journey will ever feel easy again.
If you are anything like me you will have to keep going back to those “ditch” conversations with yourself…the ones that come up for you in the deep dark of night. This is not about having everything handled or having no fear – I really, don’t think it’s possible! This is about what is next so that you can take a deep breath and move forward.
If you need a tow out of that proverbial ditch here are a few things that just might help:
• Use imagery/visualization/meditation to picture what it is you do want and where it is you want to go moving forward
• Find peace – it might be a walk in nature and it might be yoga. It doesn’t matter
• Take those dark thoughts and “stomp” them out: you can write about them and then walk all over them, tear them up, burn them…you catch my drift here
• Develop a practice of self-appreciation and gratitude. It’s hard to stay with your dark thoughts if you are feeling grateful and loved
• Do things that lift your spirits: coffee with a friend, something fun, read a good book. Do something to get the blood flowing
• Have a conversation you’ve been putting off and watch the weight of the world life off your shoulders
So this week try some self-compassion and some self-love and trust that it will help!

To your transformation,

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