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How to Talk About Breast Cancer: Grow Your Confidence

Written By on October 24, 2016

In life I believe we are all faced with a crisis of self-confidence at one time or another. For me this was magnified significantly during my breast cancer journey. I felt awkward with no hair, I had a myriad of new scars and radiation tattoos and I had a misshaped, lopsided, reconstructed breast. I had once been told I looked like a “shark tamer in a former life” and every morning that was what I focused on when I looked in the mirror. I zeroed in on all the things that were “wrong” and let this affect how I felt about myself.elephantcancer01
Writing and editing a book, especially one about a topic like breast cancer was at times emotional, lonely and challenging. So when my sister suggested we find out about a company with anti-aging products I agreed to go. Beauty wasn’t really my thing but healthier choices and a chance to be with other people was, given how isolated I had become. I gave the day and night creams a try and despite my low expectations about 6 weeks later I realized I was focusing on the positive changes I was seeing on my face not my scars, lumps and bumps as I looked in the mirror. I became more confident, more willing to put myself out there and began to think about the future with hope.
Over the last 2 years I have felt vulnerable and afraid to share what I personally discovered for fear of looking foolish or looking like an opportunist. However recently I realized that Nerium International has given me not only a supportive network of friends, it is what gives me confidence and hope. I also realize it is the financial vehicle that is going to allow me to support women in their breast cancer journey from a giving and caring place. This is now what motivates me and helps me “get my groove on”. What is going to help you find yours so you can be the confident, radiant and powerful woman you were meant to be?

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