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How to Talk About Breast Cancer: Your Defining Moment

Written By on November 21, 2016

Very good friends recently gave me “YOU are a BADASS: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” by Jen Sincero and it has got me thinking a lot about the importance of shining our light for the world to see. Going through cancer and other health challenges feels like it has just been part of my life for the last 35+ years but that is not how I want to be remembered: ”wow she had a lot of bad luck but she was a trooper” No, no, no. I know that is how some friends and family think of me but I realize it is not enough – this is not how my life is going to be defined. Do you want your life to be defined by your cancer or do you want your cancer to be a defining moment? That moment when you say to yourself that life is too short to worry about whether others will approve, whether others will think you irresponsible, selfish…the list goes on. Each of us has a unique gift to share with the world – that thing that we feel passionate and excited about whether it’s being the best mom, cook, writer, daredevil that you can possibly be.
Here is what I want you to do. Take a few quiet minutes and just listen. If time, money, energy and health were not part of the equation what is that thing you want to be or do? You may not have a perfect plan to get there, it doesn’t matter. Write it down, create a vision and share it with me so that together we can inspire the women with breast cancer who follow us with our “Lifelines”. Your hot tip for today: take the first step and trust the staircase will appear.

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